Enrique Batiz



At the age of 60, Enrique Batiz is one of the most famous orchestra conductors in Latin America and no doubt he is a gifted artist who has won international popularity and fame and whose interpretations produce the deepest and most profound emotion.

He was born in Mexico City on May 4, 1942. In 1950 he studied piano with Francisco Agea and in 1960 he continued his studies with Gyorgy Sandor. That same year he went to Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas. In 1962 he studied piano with Adele Marcus in New York at the famous Juilliard School of Music, where he also studied conducting and received a diploma in 1965. In 1964 he made several national tours as a pianist. In 1965 he was a semifinalist in the “Marguerite Long” International Piano Contest in Paris, France. From 1967 to 1970 he specialized in piano with Zbigniew Drzewiecki in Poland. He also had private lessons in orchestral conducting with Stanislaw Wislocki. In 1970 he was finalist in “F. Busoni” Piano Competition in Italy.

He began a tour of concerts in Poland in 1967 with the Lodz and Szczecin Philharmonics, and presented recitals in Warsaw and Brussels in 1969 with flattering reviews regarding his temperament and virtuosity. In 1968 he participated in the “Queen Elizabeth” International Piano Contest in Brussels. Upon returning to Mexico in 1969 Maestro Batiz performed innumerable concerts in the province. His debut as a conductor was in the “Palacio de Bellas Artes” in 1969 with the Xalapa Orchestra. Later in 1970 he made a series of recordings for the Polish and Salzburg Broadcast Companies. He also participated in the famous “Frederic Chopin” International Piano Contest of Warsaw. In April of 1971 he was named Conductor and Founder of the State of Mexico Symphony Orchestra.

Maestro Batiz was the conductor of the State of Mexico Symphony Orchestra for 12 years (1971 - 1983), then of the Mexico City Philharmonic Orchestra for 7 years (1983 - 1989) and resumed directorship of the OSEM from 1990 to the present. Since 1984, he was named “guest conductor” of the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, and as an invited guest conductor, he has led more than 500 symphony orchestras around the world.

His work is represented with a collection of 145 recordings of which 41 are with the Royal Philharmonic, 9 with the London Symphony, 3 with the Philharmonia, 12 with the London Philharmonic Orchestra, 2 with the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra, 19 with the Mexico City Philharmonic Orchestra, 58 with the State of Mexico Symphony Orchestra, and 1 with the Toscana Orchestra in Florence, Italy, for the British record companies EMI Records International, Academy of Sound and Vision, Musical Heritage (USA), NAXOS, IMG International Management Group, Pickwick, RPO Records and Arts (German company).

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Regarding Batiz’s recording of Respighi’s Symphonic Poems with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra:

“The Batiz version has such excitement and verve that one can accept the extra degree of brazen extroversion.”


“I doubt if you’ll find better performances in the catalogue.”

-Irish Evening Press

“The Naxos recording is of demonstration class.”

-Radio Breeze AM

“A distinct winner.”

-South Wales Echo

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